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Our Workings

We specialize in production of chandeliers, lanterns, ceiling fixtures, wall lamps, table and standard lamps in the various European styles from 16th to early 20th century.

Our products are characterized by sophisticated details and craftwork made by hand exclusively in Italy, with ancient proceedings that make them unique.   Precious craft skills create valuable pieces of art, style and high-quality standard, thanks to accurate projecting and meticulous, constant stylistic research. Production of special custom-made items is enabled by a wide range of exclusive models and by high flexibility in production, for an ample choice of sizes, shapes and colours.

Precious techniques like French sand casting, chiselling, lost wax casting, orient our production in valuable works of high quality and style characteristics.   The choice of crystals also ranges from Swarovski Strass to Swarovski Spectra, from hand-cut Bohemian crystal to semi-cut polished crystal to obtain a perfect sparkle and light for these lamps of ancient charm.

Our aim is to manufacture light fittings in classic style, with beautiful looks and proportions, but as safe, as stout and as practical as possible.
We work for this, since 1926 and we won with time a large experience and knowhow.